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    Harassment training for startups

    entirely via text message

  • Compliance done right


    Despite being vital, harassment training can be expensive and difficult for startups.


    Pluto is a 30-day text message course that helps your team get trained and compliant in less than 5 minutes a day. Developed with experts and tailor-made for startups, Pluto is just $29 per employee.


    California startups: SB 1343 mandates that all teams over 5 people conduct harassment training for their employees by January 1, 2021. Pluto fulfills SB 1343 standards.


  • Three easy steps:


    1. Fill out the form below

    2. We'll send a special course link for your team within 24 hours

    3. When your team is done, we'll send you certificates and a report

  • Why text messages?


    Inspired by research from UPenn and Stanford text message courses can be extraordinarily effective for encouraging positive behavior. Better yet, they are an efficient and simple way to learn.


    Pluto is a collaboration between Arist, the text message learning platform, and KGA, a leader in HR. Our goal? To improve startup culture, one text at a time. Special thanks to Lauren Rinkey, Sarah Hodges, and Kathy Greer. We are also deeply inspired by Project Include.